We hear this so often that it's become a cliché.  And yet our kids change so quickly before our eyes.  We document our lives with our cell phones, but are those the family treasures that our grandkids and great-grandkids will find one day?  Will those images ever be printed, framed, or put in an album to be preserved?

As parents, we are not just guardians, caretakers, and educators.  We are also memory keepers, family historians, and archivists.  If you are here, you probably already know this.  Now let's get started.  

They Grow

so fast . . .



hi I'm 

And this is a Self-portrait I took of my family.

I do this every year, because I want my children to remember what our family was like during these early years.  I want them to have photos of us that they can share with their own kids someday.  Photos that will be passed on for generations.  I want to help you capture your family too.  

My family portrait sessions involve goody bags, dumb jokes, goofy faces, letting kids be kids, group hugs, m&m's, fart noises, and beautiful photos.  Are you in?


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I know.  I know!   Seriously.  You grow older, have kids.  And when you see yourself in photos, you don't see yourself anymore.  But it doesn't have to be this way.  

A good professional photographer (that would be me) knows that flattering portraiture requires the right lens selection and posing.  For example, did you know that some camera lenses can make your nose look super big?  And you probably already know that some camera angles and poses are more flattering than others.  

With all of that said, the goal of a family portrait session is to capture your family's love -- not any one person.  When your kids look at your family photos in 20, 30, 40 years, they aren't going to notice the baby weight you haven't lost or the dark circles under your eyes (I photoshop those out by the way).  They are going to be looking at the way you looked at them.  Here and here are just a couple examples of photos where the pose gives some coverage while still showing the love. 

For the camera shy

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the info

Your Session

Two important things to know about your portrait session -- it will be fun for everyone (even your husband) and the photos will capture your family's love.  


Time & Location

want to rock
your session?

receive a wardrobe style
guide upon booking!

Want To 

Rock your session?

Family Portraits 
A family portrait session costs $500 and includes a gallery of at least 25 downloadable high resolution images and a small album that I design for you.  

Children's Portrait Studio
Children's studio portraits cost $100 for a 20-minute session and include 4 high res digital images.  Additional digital images may be purchased for $15 per image.  The minimum age for this style of portrait is 3 years old.  One child per session.  

Concepts may include favorite costumes, a well-loved stuffed animal, being silly, or a classic portrait.  A studio session is ideal for when you want to capture your child at a particular stage, but you don't need a large number of photos of your entire family. These sessions are short, fun, and affordable. Because I use studio lighting, sessions can take place at any time and are not dependent on weather.

Pet Portraits
Pricing available upon request.

What's the deal with the album?


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Outside of the studio, the best natural light occurs in the morning or about 90 minutes before sunset. Shooting in the middle of the day is usually not ideal, as the bright light can create harsh shadows on the face and cause squinting. The exception to this is when the day is overcast or when we are shooting at a location with plenty of shade, such as a wooded area or tree-filled park. A family portrait session with young children typically lasts about an hour.   

I’m available for portrait sessions anywhere in the NYC area, and I can advise you on a location that aligns with your vision. The ideal location will be scenic with minimal cars and people. Locations that provide some level of seclusion tend to make clients feel more comfortable while providing a safe space for children to move around and a clean background for your photos. 

Recommended locations include: Prospect Park, Fort Greene Park, Industry City (Sunset Park), Grace Court Alley (Brooklyn Heights), Verandah Place (Cobble Hill), Hunts Lane (Brooklyn Heights), Urban Meadow (Carroll Gardens), Cadman Plaza (Brooklyn Heights), Brooklyn Botanic Garden, local playgrounds.  

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The Album

You Didn't Know 

you needed it . . .

Included with your family portrait session is a small album containing selected photos from your session.  Think hardback linen cover and premium photo paper, printed by one of the top photo labs in the country.  I design this for you.  Whether you like it or not.  

Why?  Because otherwise your family photos may remain jpegs forever.  Why do I think this?  Because my wedding photos are still sitting on my hard drive 10 years later because I'm "too busy" to make an album.  But, if someone had made one for me, I'm pretty sure I'd be glad to have it.  

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"I literally squealed when I saw the gallery." - Maia

"We loved working with Jen!  She had creative ideas, and she was very patient and engaging with our children. We're so happy with our photos!" - Rachel

"Jen took our family photos, which included our toddler and newborn twins.  We love the photos -- she nailed it!" - Marcia

"My kids left the session saying that they had so much fun.  Jen was great with them.  We love our photos!" - Maria

"We worked with Jen on several occasions. She was always professional and her final work product was exactly what we hoped for! She captured our family (including two young children and family dog) in different settings and her attention to detail was impressive. She ensured that everyone was comfortable and had fun!" - Caroline